Flip Flop Fashion…Coach, Chanel, Tori Burch AND A Monkey!

Welcome summer! Flattering bikinis, sultry embroidered one piece swimsuits and great flip flops..all things summer.

Favorite Flip Flops

Flip flopping used to be a term that described someone who kept going back and forth or someone who could not make up their mind. Keeping true to the original definition we can’t seems to make up our minds when it comes to flip flops. More than likely we pick up more flip flops than we do lipstick. A rainbow of colors makes out eyes dance like we’re kids in a candy store. Flip flops are a fashion statement; no longer are they uncomfortable plastic shower shoes we pick up in the local drug store. Would you ever have thought (when you were a weeee tot) you’d own a pair of Chanel Flip Flops?! OMG! Decadent! Jelly Bellies used to rule until we found better plastic material and a glue gun!

Like blue jeans in the United States, at one time worn primarily as working class clothing for miners and laborers, flip-flops transformed into both everyday wear and sometimes high fashion. Sales took off after supermodels such as Kate Moss began wearing them and then they began showing up on the red carpet. Flip flops now are seen on the fashion world’s catwalks. Manufactured in bright colors for $6 -$15 a pair or studded with Swarovski crystals for $150, they’re showing up at the Cannes Film Festival and on the catwalk of designer Jean-Paul Gaultier.

Street Art Monkey Made of 10,000 Flip Flops

We chose a few of our favorite flip flops for the season…we LOVE us some flip flops and monkey art :)

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